About Natalie Stauffer - HERR Design

Interior Designer in Edmonton, AB

Natalie Stauffer - ALA certified lighting specialist

Natalie Stauffer Dip. Fine Art, ALA certified lighting specialist

Hi I am Natalie,

I use bold, inspired design elements that will re-ignite your love for your home.

I help women build their dream home, using Bold, Inspired design.  I love getting to know my clients, and telling their story through design!


“This isn't just your home, this building are your dreams coming true”
- Natalie Stauffer, HERR Design

Education and Experience

With 10 years in the design industry, I believe firmly in education.  I have a diploma of Fine Art, and have continued my education to include a multitude of University level Interior Design courses.

Natalie is also an avid gardener, accomplished painter, classical singer, and mother to a six-year-old rascal.


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