About Natalie Stauffer - HERR Design

Interior Designer in Edmonton, AB

Natalie Stauffer - ALA certified lighting specialist

Natalie Stauffer Dip. Fine Art, ALA certified lighting specialist

Natalie is a fun-loving and creative designer who uses bold, unexpected design elements that will re-ignite your love for your home.

Since she was a little girl, Natalie has loved to create. As the daughter of a Red Seal Carpenter, she could often be found at construction sites with her father or watching him work in his shop. As she grew older, she’d spend hours drafting floor plans in home design software to make ordinary spaces unique and visually interesting.


“This isn't just your home, this building are your dreams coming true”
- Natalie Stauffer, HERR Design

Education and Experience

Natalie started out in design by working in merchandising, showroom sales and custom plumbing and lighting design. To broaden her skill set, took several residential interior courses at the University of Alberta. Discovering that interior design as her passion, she is now in process of completing her third year of a Bachelor of Interior Design.

Natalie has a talent for utilizing reclaimed materials in both personal and professional work. When a project calls for new materials, Natalie searches for sustainable materials to make the most of what is already owned – saving her clients time and money. Whether it is turning a barn into tables or old doors to desks, Natalie’s designs are infused with history and character. Natalie believes that designers make an enormous difference when they look beyond the expected.

Natalie is also an avid gardener, accomplished painter, classical singer, and mother to a six-year-old rascal.