9 steps to buying forever furniture

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Recently, I’ve been helping my mom look for some new dining room furniture.  We looked at stores, and didn’t really find anything that we loved. When I looked on Kijiji and Marketplace I found so many people selling pieces of furniture less than 6 months old.  Their reasoning, it was too big, or didn’t fit in their space. So what should you do before you go shopping...I've got 9 steps to help you out.


  1. Measure your space

It might seem basic, but measure, then measure again.  


  1. Sketch it out.

The whole space, not just where your planning on putting the new piece of furniture.  You have to look at the flow of the space. Where people will move, and how the furniture will affect that movement.  


  1. Figure out how big the furniture should be.  

Make sure there is room to move around.  If its a dining room ensure you can pull out a chair.  


  1. Look online and narrow your choices down

Check out your options in the size you need.  Kavuus.com is a killer site I love.  There are local stores too, Urban Home Elements, Sofa Land, Konto to name a few, but don't get caught in a buy now or regret it.  Furniture should be long lasting, and fit your home and YOUR needs.  

  1. Mark it out on the floor

With painters tape mark out new furniture dimensions on the floor.  This way you can see how the movement will be


  1. Go Shopping

With your drawings, and dimensions in hand go to the store.  If the deal is better if you buy the set, but it’s a bit too big, Say No!  Don’t be pushed into a sale that is wrong for you.


  1. Go Home with nothing

Go home, think it over.  If the sale or deal has a time limit on it, get a printed quote,  that price will typically be honoured for 30 days.


  1. Double Check

Confirm all your measurements, and colour options.  Wait a day, or a week, do your due diligence to ensure its right for you.


  1. Buy it

Once you’ve done your homework, you’re ready to buy.  

This is your hard earned money, don’t throw it away by not having a plan.  If you don’t want to put this work in, or don’t have time to complete the steps, find a designer to help you.  One solution, if you are strapped for time or energy. E-design can be inexpensive way to assist you along. This can be anything from, assistance with a space plan or a colour palette and how to tie a space together.  Often you can submit existing pieces you would like worked into the design. Basically I want to help you get the right furniture, and save your money.