Busted! Don’t Believe These Interior Designer Myths!

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One of the funnest parts of being a homeowner is searching for creative and exciting ways to make your house your own. While the right Do-it-Yourself project can be a lot of fun, every weekend someone new heads to the hardware store with what seems like good research only to find out the hard way that "cheap and easy" can cost you more time, more money, and so much more stress.

This is where a Designer comes in.

Interior Designers have the vision, skill, and most importantly the experience to help you find the right aesthetic approach to your home or office, avoiding expensive mistakes and making sure everything goes right the first time.

While Interior Designers can be an invaluable resource in helping you create the space of your dreams, there are a lot of myths floating around about why they are useful and what they actually do.

To help clear things up, Herr Design has debunked three of the most widely held myths about Interior Designers.

Myth 1: Interior Designers pick out fabric and paint colors, and make things “pretty.”

First of all, we are awesome at making things look pretty, but this is only a small portion of our work.

The main focus of an Interior Designer is creating a real plan for building a functional space that you love to be in. We work with engineers to move walls, design lighting and electrical plans, source materials, a supervise trades, and oversee installations.

Obviously we get into this business because we excel at "design" (My education included four different courses on colour alone), but true responsibility of an Interior Designer is seeing the whole of the project come together.

We only pick out the fabric after we have picked out and assembled the concrete and steel it is going to cover.

Myth 2: I can’t afford a designer.

Yes you can, though you might not be able to afford not to.

There is nothing that costs more money (not to mention time and personal anguish) than mistakes. Choosing the wrong materials, hiring the wrong people, picking the wrong designs ("It sure looked nice on Pinterest but it just doesn't fit here..."), a mistake is the most expensive thing you can buy and we get paid not to make them.

This doesn't mean we spend a lot of money! Just the opposite- Interior Designers are professionals at staying on time and on budget. We know how to save- we know when to buy used and where to get it, where to find honest and reliable tradesmen, and the value of a good floor plan so you don't have to buy anything twice.

Think of the biggest DIY debacle you've ever seen someone involved with, and ask yourself how much it would be worth to that person to go back in time and avoid that hassle. A Designer would almost certainly cost less than the extra money they spent.

Myth 3: I can do it myself!

You're smart, creative, and you know what you want. You probably can come up with a plan, but there's an old saying in boxing, "Everybody has a plan until they get hit."

There is a reason that Interior Design is a growing profession. Even with a great plan, it is rarely simple to execute it. An Interior Designer's training, connections, and experience are often the difference between a great idea and a great reality. Not only do we keep your project from going off the rails, we allow you to think about other things while all this is happening.

I always say my job as an Interior Designer is to be an advocate for my client when they are not there. I adopt their needs, wants, and style as my own during the project. A good Designer knows that the goal isn't to make something the Designer loves, but something you love. Our job isn't to tell you what you want, but to make sure your dream actually comes true and works just the way you hoped it would.

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